New Vision Optical Center since its inception equip their facilities with superior diagnostic equipment and a treatment. For many years, working with a leading manufacturer of Technolas Perfect Vision (Bausch Si Lomb), which offers the most advanced technology specialized equipment. The constant hardware upgrades make the New Vision is the leading centers for laser vision correction.

Femtosecond laser

Femtosecond laser FEMTEC 520F. New Vision Optical Center is the first clinic in Poland has launched a new generation device femto-laser FEMTEC 520 F leading manufacturer Technolas PERFECT VISION (Bausch & Lomb).

In the new method, laser correction Femto Lasik petal is created in an innovative way using the femtosecond laser, which allows for a minimum of shorten the healing period after surgery.

intraCOR is a completely new method to correct presbyopia. This procedure makes it possible to help those who need to use reading glasses. In contrast to existing methods of correction of presbyopia treatment intraCOR is extremely safe and completely predictable. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis, without cuts and without the need for surgical instruments. After surgery, the patient intraCOR back in the day after the procedure reads without glasses.

With capabilities that give femto-laser, we can offer our patients a safe and non-invasive treatments vision correction and presbyopia (presbyopia).

XP microkeratome

XP microkeratome is a device which makes it possible to perform LASIK surgery LASIK and EPI. It was a microkeratome is made precise corneal incision at the desired depth.

Excimer laser

Technolas 217 excimer laser Z100 Bausch & Lomb is the latest generation laser. It has many new features that improve accuracy, safety and speed of adjustment.

Technolas 217 Z100 has a unique of its kind three-dimensional eye tracking system that allows you to respond to the slightest movement of the eye during surgery. The laser is able to locate each item in the eye in a range between pulses which increases the guarantee of security and accuracy of the correction.

Technolas 217 Z100 is the only laser in the world has the opportunity to work with two laser beam diameters – 2 and 1 mm with a unique system of dispersion energy density of the laser beam. These features increase the precision of correction and reduce the duration of the procedure, making this one of the fastest laser in the world.

Technolas 217 Z100 has a system of recognition of the iris of the eye that allows you to customize the correction of 100%. This gives you the ability to set the laser regardless of the patient’s head position and avoid any mistakes. This system maximizes the safety and precision of correction.

Diagnostic Station

SThe ZYOPTIX 100 is a unique complex that combines all system diagnostics, planning and execution of laser vision correction in one. The system has been designed to maximize comfort, safety and efficiency correction. Together with the Orbscan corneal topography and aberrometrem Zywave excimer laser creates a platform for refractive surgery Zyoptix. None of the dozens of measurements, none of the hundreds of parameters, none of the several thousand numbers are not unnoticed, then they are automatically transferred from one point to the next diagnostic, add up, subject to further processing and analysis. The loss of even an insignificant part of the information is excluded.

Aberrometr Zywave – a device that measures a full aberrometrię of the eye (cornea, lens, vitreous humor, retina). After the test, the aberrometrze Zywave can visualize the individual nature of each światłorozproszeń, disclose any inaccuracies image, model and analyze the nature and degree of light scattering in different lighting conditions.