New Vision Centre specializes in vision correction. We offer a broad range of services to patients of all ages: children offer orthokeratology, those between 18 and 55 years of age treatments LASIK laser correction, and all of 40 years old, forced to use reading glasses intraCOR treatment . Qualified medical, high-end diagnostic equipment and a treatment allows us to achieve great results with each of these methods.

Laser surgery

For those who do not want or can not wear glasses, medicine has found the perfect solution – refractive surgery. This is the direction in ophthalmic microsurgery designed to reduce or completely remove eye diseases. The most effective and safe way of correcting treatments using an excimer laser.

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OrthoK latest generation lenses have a complex geometry, composed of several zones with different curvatures. Are made from a material having a high index gas permeability which ensures adequate transmission of oxygen to the cornea. This ensures the safety of the lens and the minimum frequency of complications. Orthokeratology method is intended for short-sighted to defect to -5 diopters and astigmatism up to 1.5 diopters. The rate of correction is dependent on the size of defect and the susceptibility to the corneal tissue ortosoczewek and is individual for each patient.

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Correction of presbyopia by intraCOR ® aims to highlight the central cornea, and thus increase its power optycznej.Zauważalne are changes in the refractive myopia (the pros are replaced by cons), which in turn affects a significant improvement in subjective view. The patient can read without glasses already the day after the surgery. IntraCOR ® treatment method gives excellent results in the correction of presbyopia in the range of 1.5 D to 2.5 D.

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