Orthokeratology is not surgical method for the correction of myopia and low astigmatism. Its novelty lies on the use of OrthoK lenses while sleeping. They reshape the cornea in a way that is crisp vision without the need for any corrective lenses. It is a great alternative for those who can not undergo laser correction surgery. The lenses can also use by children.

Own bed – the best time and place for vision correction.

Orto lens reshape cornea during sleep to the day vision was sharp. This method is effective and fully safe.

Method was founded in the 60s by ophthalmologists in Canada and the United States, who noted that the using of hard contact lenses causes a temporary change in the shape of the cornea. Over the past 40 years continually refined material of which the lenses are made to meet the high requirements of the patient’s eyes.

About the method

OrthoK latest generation lenses have a complex geometry, composed of several zones with different curvatures. Are made from a material having a high index gazoprzepuszczalności which ensures adequate transmission of oxygen to the cornea.

This ensures the safety of the lens and the minimum frequency of complications.

Orthokeratology method is intended for short-sighted to defect to -5 diopters and astigmatism up to 1.5 diopters. The rate of correction depends on the defect size and the sensitivity of the corneal tissue to the ortosoczewek and is individual for each patient.

After a restful night in ortosoczewkach patient is provided with a complete vision for 16-18 hours. After a few months of regular establishment ortosoczewek, the cornea remains longer given by the shape of the lens, allowing you to use it less often. The whole correction process is completely reversible, which means that after stopping the ortosoczewek cornea returns to its original shape.

OrtoK lenses used in the New Vision produces an American company Paragon CRT ®, which is a leader in the field of ortokeratologii. OrtoK are certified by the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration), ISO and CE and are used in the United States and the European Union.

OrtoK - children

Orthokeratology can help a myopic children. OrthoK lenses are designed for children from 10 years. They are used to improve visual acuity and freedom from the traditional correction of the day.

An additional advantage of the method is that in many cases completely stops or slows the progress of the myopia. Since the period of growth and maturation of myopia usually progresses rapidly, there is no possibility of using surgical procedures.

Use OrthoK eliminates all limitations associated with wearing regular corrective lenses (you can run, swim, jump, etc.). This is very important, especially for children, given that they lead a very active life, and because of his age usually do not understand the danger of breaking the rules of wearing contact lenses or glasses.

Under the watchful eye of the parent’s child inserted and removed OrthoK and observes the principles of storage and time  lenses, which is a guarantee of success.


  • Inhibits the progression of myopia
  • Excellent vision throughout the day
  • Applicability in children
  • Correction takes place during sleep
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Reversibility of the cornea
  • During the day, the eye is “free”

Approximately 80 per cent. school-age children in Warsaw have vision problems – alert doctors of clinical ophthalmic hospital in Warsaw.