Treatments using intraCOR are an absolute novelty on the Polish market. By using Femto Laser became possible presbyopia correctionpresbyopia. This means that the treatment intraCOR can effectively and safely get rid of reading glasses. The results are offset entirely predictable, and the effect appears almost immediately. The patient can go home an hour after the procedure.

Honey, I forgot reading glasses. Can you read me the name of the author?

With ages we lose the ability sharp near vision. Thanks to the efforts of using a femto-laser can read again without glasses.

IntraCOR ® is a method of laser correction using a femto-laser. It is an effective solution to the problems of presbyopia. Thanks to the femto-laser surgery can be carried out in the least intrusive manner. Laser operates entirely inside cornea, and most importantly to make fully effective treatment, there is no need to create a corneal flap.

About the method

IntraCOR presbyopia correction method is an absolute NEW. IntraCOR treatment method makes it possible to help those who need to use reading glasses. In contrast to existing methods of correction of presbyopia, intraCOR treatment is absolutely safe and completely predictable. The surgery is done on an outpatient basis, without cuts and without the need for surgical instruments.

IntraCOR method can also be used in the correction of minor eye defects (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism) and also in this case for minimal invasiveness.

Principles of research eligible for surgery intraCOR are the same as for the other refractive surgery. The difference is only the criterion of age. Due to the fact that it is a very safe procedure, not covered by the risk of inflammatory complications associated with corneal incision, may be admitted to the patients of all ages. The condition is the lack of ophthalmic diseases and good overall health.


The treatment method intraCOR runs completely wewnątrzrogówkowo, without compromising the integrity of the outer corneal tissue. In one of the layers of the cornea called “stroma”, a femto-laser is performed five circular notches. They are created using the “bubble” – laser emits ultrashort light pulses, creating temporary bubbles of high energy. The whole procedure takes about 20 seconds.

The method involves the introduction of several circular steep cuts in the layer. The epithelium of the cornea and the two membranes (outer and inner) remain intact.

Correction of presbyopia by intraCOR aims to highlight the central cornea, and thus increase its optical power. This procedure also results in a change of corneal biomechanical balance. Noticeable changes are in the direction of refractive myopia (the pros are replaced by cons), which in turn affects a significant improvement in subjective view. The patient immediately after the procedure can read without glasses. IntraCOR treatment gives excellent results in the correction of presbyopia for about +2.5 D.

The biggest advantages

Key benefits intraCOR methods:

  • speed
  • efficiency
  • safety
  • minimal invasiveness
  • rapid return to full fitness

Statistics say that the world’s 1.7 billion people aged 45 +, and so much prezbiopów, of which only 40% wear prescription glasses.