Laser vision correction

What I have to meet in order to undergo laser correction of vision defects?

To indulge in a defect must be stable for at least six months. The patient should be in the age group 18 – 55 years and be generally healthy, not sick with diabetes, thyroid, cataract, glaucoma, amblyopia, and rheumatic diseases.

Will there be any discounts on the procedure?

Discounts apply for students with current student ID card in the amount of 200 / one eye, for holders of Euro 26 100 / one eye, and the immediate family members of our existing patients in the amount of 200 / one eye. LUX MED patients who are on treatment provide a referral issued by the ophthalmologist will receive a discount in the amount of PLN 300 / one eye.

What complications can occur after surgery?

As with any surgical procedure there is a risk of complications. The laser correction is minimal and amounts to about 1%. The most common are niedokorekcje with large defects of vision and inflammation, which increases the recovery period. They are pharmacologically treated with antibiotics, and do not affect the final result of the treatment. It is a safe method. There is no possibility of loss of vision after surgery and corrected the defect does not return.

Do corrects amblyopia?

Amblyopia is a disease of the eye, which in no way can not be corrected. After surgery, laser vision correction is the same as in the most relevant corrective lenses without the need to use them.

After surgery, you can fly a plane?

The next day you can travel by plane. This has no effect on the results of the surgery.

After surgery, you can give birth naturally?

LASIK does not affect the possibility of a natural birth.

Is it possible to correct "reading glasses"?

Reading difficulties that arise after the 40th years of life are the result of aging and deterioration of accommodation of the eye. It is not possible to correct this defect with LASIK surgery. The solution to the problems associated with presbyopia is intraCOR – laser correction method using a femtosecond laser. It brings excellent results in the correction of presbyopia in the range from 1.5 D to 2.5 D.

Is the use of birth control pills is a contraindication to perform the procedure?

The use of birth control pills is not a contraindication to perform the surgery. Not advisable to interrupt their use for three months before and after the surgery to the body’s hormone levels remained disrupted.

What are the contraindications for surgery?

To undergo eye surgery must be completely healthy. The contraindications are all eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, amblyopia, conical keratitis, dry eye syndrome.
In addition, the patient must be generally healthy, not sick with diabetes, thyroid, arthritis. The treatment may not be a pregnant or breastfeeding.

At what time after the test must perform the procedure?

Qualifying examination is valid for a period of three months. During this time, you can arrange a convenient date of application. After this period, the test should be repeated.

How long should I wait for surgery?

The average waiting time for surgery is about 2-3 weeks of study eligible.

What is a stable defect?

The disadvantage is considered stable when its value does not change within six months.

How long does the procedure take?

In the surgical patient spends about 20-30 minutes. The procedure itself takes less than a minute. After surgery the patient about an hour waiting for the first control visit after which he can go home.

Is it possible to operate two eyes on the same day?

The LASIK method, there is no impediment to perform surgery on the two eyes at the same time, unless your doctor has given to the contrary.

How often are checks after surgery?

The first check is carried out one hour after the treatment, the next the next day. It is recommended to check week / two weeks, one month and three months after surgery. During the first month of treatment all checks are free.

How big eye condition can be corrected?

Technical capabilities of our equipment can correct myopia to-12D, farsightedness to 6 D and astigmatism up to 6D.

Is LASIK treatments are reimbursed by the National Health Fund?

LASIK treatments over the world are considered cosmetic and are not subject to refund.

How long after surgery can not work?

Convalescence period is about two weeks. At this time, the cornea heals. Do not do the heavy lifting and intense stare at the light source (the TV screen, computer monitor).

At what time after pregnancy can carry out abortions?

The treatment can be made six months after the end of lactation.

How long should I wear the patches?

The dressing has to be in front of the next day, then you can remove it yourself.


What defects can be corrected with lenses OrtoK?

Using OrtoK can be corrected for myopia and astigmatism 5D to 1.5 D. There is no possibility of using lenses for farsightedness.

How to cultivate contacts?

Each patient, when you buy lenses, receives a starter kit for their care. The kit includes liquid storage, cleaning fluid, storage box and the cup to insert and remove the lenses.
Terms OrtoK care are the same as in the case of soft contact lenses. However obtain a liquid for cleaning and storing hard, gas permeable contact lenses

Do Ortokorekcja is a safe?

Ortokorekcja is a safe method that can also be used in children. OrtoK lenses do not cause permanent changes in the cornea. Thanks to its unique technology, the materials from which they are made to provide optimum transmission of oxygen to the cornea, and a special geometry ensures proper circulation of tears under the lens, which prevents the occurrence of dry eye.

Do you use OrtoK defects can impede progress?

According to surveys, it is likely that the use of lenses OrtoK in children can affect arrest the eye diseases.

Are there any age restrictions?

Lenses may be used in patients of 10 years. There is no upper age limit, which excludes their use.

What is Ortokorekcja?

Ortokorekcja is a method of correcting low and medium myopia and astigmatism with a small hard, gas permeable contact lenses, placed at sleep time. Their task is to model the anterior curvature of the cornea in such a way that during the day vision is sharp, and there is no need to use glasses or soft contact lenses.

Do OrtoK lens can be used during the day?

OrtoK lenses are designed for use while sleeping. We do not recommend setting them earlier than 30 minutes before going to sleep, or daytime use during work or study.

How long is the wait for the lens?

Our center has a well-stocked inventory of lenses, so if it manages to find the right lens, you can buy it in the same day. If you need to bring the lens, then the waiting time for performance of the contract is approximately two weeks.

How long will one set of lenses?

With proper use and care of lenses can be used for about 2-3 years. During this time, they retain their properties.

Is correction using OrtoK is permanent?

Ortokorekcja is completely reversible method without producing any permanent changes in the cornea. The optimal effect of view remains as long as the lenses are used. If the patient ceases to apply OrtoK gradually deforms the cornea to its original shape and thus returns defect.

What are the contraindications to the use OrtoK?

Contraindications to the use of all OrtoK are eye diseases (glaucoma, cataracts, conical keratitis, dry eye syndrome, etc.). Lenses should not be used people with farsightedness or presbyopia.

How often should be checks?

The first checks usually takes place after the week of the lens. The following are determined by an expert for each patient (usually a second inspection visit carried out one month after the first assumption OrtoK). The impact on the frequency of visits is susceptible to deformation of the cornea.


What is the correction of presbyopia by intraCOR?

The method consists in the highlighting IntraCOR cornea in its central part. This increases the optical power so that it becomes possible to clear vision of objects located closer. Changes in the shape of the cornea is made using a femtosecond laser. Under the influence of the ultrashort pulses of corneal tissue is converted into gas bubbles and then evaporates.

Is the treatment safe intraCOR?

IntraCOR method is extremely secure. Cornea is cut and does not form a flap, so there is no risk of complications associated with the healing of the cornea. In addition, this method does not need to raise the pressure in the eye during surgery to maximize safety. IntraCOR is the least invasive of all methods of laser vision correction.

Is anyone who uses reading glasses can be treated IntraCOR?

The procedure can be performed in subjects with presbyopia is about 1.5 D – 2.5 D, and the defect is not given to or less than 1.50 D.

What is the difference between LASIK IntraCOR?

The most important difference between intraCOR and LASIK surgery is that the method is not created intraCOR flap and does not make any incisions. Laser works inside the cornea and does not violate the integrity of its external structures.

What is the procedure?

The treatment is very short. After administration of local anesthesia in the form of eye drops the patient goes to the treatment room. There, after the founding of a special speculum on the eye made a short laser engraving. The speed of the femtosecond laser can perform the procedure in less than 25 seconds. After about an hour is the first study, after which the patient can go home.

Do you perform surgery intraCOR may have something to do in the future with the development of cataracts?

IntraCOR procedure in no way affects the development of cataracts – nor does it prevent, or accelerate. A cataract is the clouding of the eye lens and is not related to the surgery, performed on the cornea.

Are there any other contraindications to surgery IntraCOR?

As with other treatments laser vision correction are all disorders contraindication eye. In addition, the patient should be generally healthy, not sick with diabetes, thyroid disorders, rheumatic and infectious diseases.

How fast you can see the effects of treatment?

The effects are visible almost immediately. The patient can read without glasses already the day after the surgery.

After surgery, you can indulge intraCOR cataract surgery and implantation of an artificial lens?

If you have cataracts after surgery intracor can go implantation of an artificial lens. But there is no need for implanting multifocal lenses because the patient’s eye is corrected for near vision after surgery vision intraCOR made on the cornea. In this case, just a standard monofocal lens implant, corrective vision distance.