We would like to welcome to the department of press releases related to the Centre New Vision and Ophthalmology of all issues related to the correction of vision defects. The table presents are ready to develop press releases, information about events and news in the field of vision correction, as well as materials appearing in the media about the activities of the Centre of Ophthalmology New Vision. Feel free to use posted materials.


You can not see the results of your training?


There are only a few steps away from fulfillment of your dreams…

Take off your glasses and see the results for yourself!

Step 1. Come with a valid pass Calypso Fitness Club to visit the Centre for Ophthalmology New Vision.

Step 2. Together with a specialist for you to select the most appropriate method of correcting vision defects.

Step 3. Find the calendar time you destine for laser vision correction surgery at the Centre for Ophthalmology New Vision in Warsaw or Gdansk.

Step 4. Receive a gift – a 3-month pass paid for by the New Vision.

Step 5. Activate the pass during the first visit to the club. Show off your new look with friends Calypso Fitness Club and see clearly the results of your training!

Materials for media

Conference on ortokorekcji


Thanks avoid laser glasses

„Presbyopia is visually impaired, and a natural physiological process. To a lesser or greater extent, getting to everyone over 45 years of age. Then our eye gradually loses the ability to accommodate, or adapt to a sharp angle lens at any distance. Problems with vision and reading up close.”


Nowy wzrok! Is it possible?

What if you could replace defective organs on pretty smooth? Correct weakened and refusing to obey the unruly elements of our body. It sounds like science – fiction, but it is not! Let’s take a visual defects, they can be a nuisance and receiving comfort. Especially when we think about such serious problems as presbyopia (presbyopia) and myopia.


Seeing is functioning. The importance of sight a few words.

Vision defects carry a lot of restrictions. Sometimes closing a career path and force them to give up their dreams and aspirations. There are many professions that do not accept the alternative solutions, such as glasses or lenses. Police officers, pilots, soldiers should have a full health and a great look. Laser vision correction is the only way to recover a great ability to see.


An innocative method for the correction of vision in children.

Health of our children is a priority, as well as for themselves a sense of self-confidence, the ability to take an active part in school life, games and other entertainment that can not be experienced with the glasses on his nose.