I came to the clinic by his cousin, who a few years ago, underwent surgery, and strongly urged me to do the same. We can say that from 10 December 2009, see the world differently, better. Life without having to wear glasses is enjoyable. Wellbeing owe Dr. Staniewiczowi that the day of surgery your sensitive approach to patient calmed me and made me run away – out of fear, of course.


Last year in April I went through vision correction surgery at a clinic in New Vision. Maybe it is expensive, but well worth it. Lenses are not so great. She had a deformed cornea from wearing them. Fortunately, I did the treatment. Gone are the lenses, eye irritation, and I wear glasses kindergarten to remember how it was for 20 years with poor eyesight. I would urge undecided on abortion. It is really worth, and after that it does not hurt and takes very little time!!!


When I first heard about Ortokorekcji, I could not believe that vision correction can take place in a dream. But I decided to try it. The study did not have to wait long, and the lens I could buy it in the same day. I must admit that after the first night of use I experienced a shock – the difference in vision was astonishing. After less than a week, I saw even better than with glasses. Ortokeratologiczne lenses are fantastic – I would not trade them for any other method. Recommended!

Kamila28 years